LBSN Dashboard - Bonn

This app serves for privacy-aware analysis of location-based social media data (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Flickr etc.). It is fueled by HyperLogLog, a cardinality estimator and LBSN structure (a data scheme to split up a post into its atomic components like hashtags, text, date, time or location) in order to exclude reproduction of original posts.

  • Draw your area of interest (top left in map)
  • Activate/deactivate layers to display (top right in map)
  • Select certain terms to filter the data (bottom right)
More Info
  • Author: Dominik Weckmüller
  • Data from Instagram, Twitter & Flickr 2011-2020 (~700k posts)
  • GitHub Repository
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Version for Waynesboro, VA, US

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