2023-11-23 English-only embedding models for multilingual docs
2023-11-18 A performant embedding processing pipeline & tutorial for big XML/HTML data dumps
2023-04-04 Semantic Search with Qdrant, Hugging Face, SentenceTransformers and transformers.js
2023-01-23 Geospatial Vector Search with Qdrant
2022-10-03 Pyscript File Handling
2022-06-30 PyScript-fueled Jupyter Notebooks for your browser
2022-05-03 PyScript - A Game Changer For Your Browser
2022-03-28 Life Hacking 2.0: Adding Geographical Filters to Flat Search Websites with QGIS and Python
2022-02-03 HDMI Remote Screen Control
2021-06-25 Convert Python Scripts to Windows Executables (.py to .exe) - Pyinstaller and Pandas | 2022 WORKING VERSION
2021-04-13 An Introduction to HyperLogLog
2021-02-11 Using HyperLogLog with Leaflet-Hexbins
2021-02-11 HyperLogLog Javascript (js-hll) & Postgres (postgres-hll): making them talk to each other!
2021-02-10 Querying Postgres with Python Fastapi Backend and Leaflet-Geoman Frontend - Applying Geometry Filters
2021-01-05 Run a Background Thread in Python - Torpy Image Download
2020-12-09 Requests in Python with requests package and Torpy
2020-12-01 A complete guide to preprocess Instagram post data
2020-11-22 Mining Instagram efficiently with Torpy - Fast Instagram Scraper
2020-11-16 A quick readthedocs Wiki with mkdocs
2020-11-15 Debugging Python
2020-11-13 Writing Your Own Scraper - Simple Instagram Scraper
2020-11-12 Deleting Browser Cache with Python Selenium and Chromedriver
2020-05-30 Social Media Mining
2020-05-30 Processing data mined from instagram-scraper with Python and Pandas
2019-11-08 Speech recognition with Python in 12 lines of code - Play the radio!