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As the second biggest public park in Bonn, Hofgarten offers a central hub particularly for chilling, studying and social gatherings. Especially students linger around since Bonn University’s main building is right beside. The huge lawn area offers space even for team sports and big events such as the Fridays for Future Demonstrations.


Big and empty but still dynamic. The Rheinaue is a place marked by physical and socio-political transition. As a park located outside of the city centre in a former flood plain shaped by the river Rhein, you can feel the post-capital vibes and experience international music events. This park is particularly popular during weekends and offers a great opportunity to exercise.

Botanischer Garten

Whilst taking a break from studying, apprenticeship or work you can experience a primeval walk through tiny woods and jump back to the age of dinosaurs. Romantic vibes will lead you past bushes of red roses until you reach a bench with a view towards a small turtle pond. The Botanische Garten is a place to simply rewind and absorb the beauty and aesthetics of vegetation home to places far away from Bonn.

Poppelsdorfer Allee

Long, linear and luxurious. Evenly placed chestnuts trees guide you from the Poppelsdorfer Schloss towards the main building of Bonn University. Whilst tourists take a stroll along the avenue to observe the architecture from the late 19th century, locals pass the place by bike, stop to work and study, exercise, or just linger around.


Located within a typical residential area of Bonn very close to the city centre. This small park is a family friendly place with a playground and enough space to spread out your sheets and enjoy the sun. Residents enjoy this peaceful place for a coffee break, picnic and exercise such as outdoor yoga.


A small park in the very centre of Bonn, which you could almost miss if it weren’t for the demonstrations, skate boarders, salsa dance groups und punk scene that bring the place to life. Located next to the former Electoral Palace – nowadays Bonn University’s main building – this place offers a view straight to the Poppelsdorfer Schloss.


A quiet place in the style of an English landscape garden. The big water fountain and small pond, tall trees, dense bushes and numerous benches invite to linger around and enjoy the quietness within the centre of Bonn Bad-Godesberg. For young people it is a place to meet friends and chill around.


The name already suggests it: this park offers a great view onto the river Rhine. Benches facing the river invite you to sit down and simply observe the view. Lawns serve as a place for sports and kids to play. The Panoramapark is a family friendly park located outside of the city centre right next to river Rhine, mostly visited during the late afternoon and weekends.

Rigal'sche Wiese

An inconspicuous lawn located in Bonn Bad-Godesberg. This park serves as a place to exercise and even has a small climbing tower, providing a change from conventional sport opportunities. In springtime, students from a school nearby celebrate their graduation from high school, making this place a space with event character and potential for big social gatherings.


Quiet during the day, alive at night. The place to be when craving a vivid place to relax and chill with friends on summer evenings. The daytime can be spent reading, relaxing or picnicking on the lawn facing the river Rhine. At night, young people gather and casually end their day together.

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Well, a wordcloud is nice. But we wanted more and got our hands dirty by manually classifying roughly 19.000 #hashtags of 9.000 posts. Eventually, after reclassifying several times, we came to final 18 categories that you can find out about here. Are you a researcher? Find our data mining scripts on github or more detailed tutorials here and here. Download our methodology/workflow and our categorization scheme as xlsx or csv in comparison to other studies. Find our entire project report here.
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Photography as a creative activity



People's creative activities based on inspiration evoked by ecosystem features except photography



Sports and physical activities



Non-political public cultural events



Political events raising awareness to well-being deficiencies



Political opinions and activities besides demonstrations



People´s states of mind, spiritual/religious activities and attachments as well as personal attitudes, values, ideas and expressions regarding way of life


Bond to location

People's bond to location


Bond to nature

People's bond to nature or ecosystem features



People's perceptions of the environment expressed by beauty, visual and aesthetic impressions



Interactions between family members


Social interactions

Non-family social interactions


Sense of place

Recognition of natural, particular ecosystem and non-historic built features


Cultural Heritage

Recognition of particular historically and culturally important features of the environment



Food and drinks



Tourism and travelling



Recreational activities not belonging to another category


Work & Study

Work and study related activities

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