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Dominik Weckmüller

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About me

My name is Dominik Weckmüller. I’m specialized in geoinformatics, particularly GIS, geomarketing and remote sensing with application to social geography. I develop web applications with a focus on geospatial big data science. Take a look at my projects above or my posts on social media.

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Recent Talks

September 14, 2023Milan, ItalyOpen Data for Earth Observation applications in ItalyPolitecnico di Milano - School of Management
June 30, 2023Prizren, Kosovo (Room 4)An application-oriented implementation of hexagonal on-the-fly binning metrics for city-scale georeferenced social media data
FOSS4G 2023 Prizren
August 24, 2022Florence, ItalyDeveloping a privacy-aware map-based cross-platform social media dashboard for municipal decision-making
FOSS4G 2022 Florence
March 16, 2022Milan, ItalyDeveloping a map-based social media dashboardPyMI - Python Milano
October 8, 2021OnlineGood Governance Goes Smart – Social Media Data Supporting Evidence-Based Municipal Policies - Development of a Browser-Based Dashboard Prototype for Privacy-Aware Analysis of Location-Based Social Media Data for Application to Urban Planning Illustrated by a Case Study in Bonn#GeoWoche2021
June 28, 2021Dresden, Germany (hybrid)Neues Wissen zum Stadtgrün generieren und bereitstellen mit Diensten und Anwendungen des meinGrün‐ProjektsDFNS 2021 – Dresdner Flächennutzungssymposium


December 2021Rome, Italy (hybrid)Development of a mental health survey and geospatial analysis dashboard for UNICEFGIS Hackathon Italy 2021
November 2021Bonn, Germany (hybrid)Social Media Dashboard - Attraktive Innenstadt (Attractive City Center)IoT Design Thinking Workshop Bonn (2nd prize)

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